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The RiverGlades Approach

Direct Communication &
Differentiated Investment Opportunities

Clients count on us for institutional-level perspective, strategy and execution to accomplish their most complex and meaningful goals. As your trusted advisor, we strive to alleviate the stress of managing your investments so that you may confidently focus on the things that matter most in life.

Icon of familyFamily Office Perspective

Dedicated attention to your family’s financial and human capital in an effort to shift the odds of a successful wealth transfer in your favor.

Puzzle iconBoutique Structure

Providing truly bespoke service requires organizational flexibility and nimbleness, free from corporate overhead and disintermediated decision making.

Icon of people forming circlePartnered Focus

Each relationship is structured to complement any existing strategy, investment structures and team of professionals to meet the particular needs of that family.

Our Process



The value an investment advisor adds is directly related to the strength of the client relationship. Therefore, we seek to establish mutual trust and understanding before beginning to work together.

As we gain an understanding of your objectives, time horizon, attitude toward risk, etc. we’ll be able to identify early on whether or not RiverGlades’ approach would be an effective solution for your particular situation.



Investment markets should be used as a tool to diversify risk and provide long-term asset growth. Therefore, we invest in a manner consistent with this way of thinking and seek to work with like-minded individuals.

Once your long-term goals have been identified, we’ll use portfolio optimization to establish a recommended allocation. This policy portfolio becomes the groundwork on which we implement our tactical portfolio strategy.



In order to be truly diversified, an investor must open their portfolio to include various asset classes, market segments and geographical exposures. Therefore, we view your portfolio as having a global opportunity set and seek to allocate more capital to investment markets with higher expected returns and less to those with lower expectations.

We’ll construct an allocation that tilts your portfolio’s positioning around the allocations presented in your policy portfolio in an effort to increase the expected return while dampening volatility.



If they so desire, investors should be able to understand the construction of their portfolio and why they own each of the underlying investments. Therefore, we offer regular communication as frequent as desired by each relationship. Consolidated reporting of investment accounts and private investment holdings, performance, and history is readily available via our custodian’s website and our user-friendly, customized wealth portal.

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