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Integrity | Commitment | Experience

Founded on the Experiences
of Ultra-High Net-Worth Investors

Leading up to, during and following the Great Financial Crisis, we experienced the frustration felt among affluent investors. As 2008 unfolded and the global markets grew increasingly more volatile, these individuals realized that due to their use of a variety of different firms to manage their assets, they were unable to easily evaluate their overall allocation, investment holdings and risk exposure.

The answer was simple.

They needed to:

  • Consolidate their assets at one firm,
  • Streamline their portfolio by reducing the number of investments and
  • Identify talented individuals with professional experience and personal character they could trust to make the right decisions on their behalf.

Borrowing lessons from successful family offices, it took time to bring these ideas together under a refined process. However, in 2014 RiverGlades Family Offices, LLC was founded in Naples, Florida to offer these services to select individuals, families and not-for-profits.