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Working With a Focused Clientele

To Ensure Your Needs Are Met

You Expect More
And Why Shouldn’t You?

Inspired by the experiences of families like yours, we understand that your needs deserve concierge treatment and don’t easily fit in the “one size fits all” business model. You’ve likely tried working with a traditional private bank or trust company and felt unheard, miscommunicated or simply pushed aside.

At RiverGlades Family Offices, we believe in developing a 360° understanding of your financial landscape. In concert with your existing professional advisors, this enables better coordination, implementation and execution providing for a more seamless experience.

Our Clients Tend to Believe In:

  • Family, however they may define it.
  • Legacy, the transmission of family values, as well as wealth.
  • Stewardship, the responsible management of family assets entrusted to one’s care.
  • Networks, leveraging relationships and collective expertise for the betterment of the group.
  • Refinement, making things only as complicated as necessary to achieve their objectives.
  • A better tomorrow, investing long-term and planning, so as to improve the future for heirs and society.

RiverGlades was founded to provide the experience I would expect as a client. The firm strives to serve as your wealth concierge – anticipating your needs, investigating opportunities, and resolving problems to simplify your financial life.

– P.J. Marinelli, Founder

Our Relationships Include:

  • Owners/entrepreneurs considering the sale of a business
  • Wealth creators that are considering the transition of wealth to next generation
  • Family members that expect to inherit responsibility over a meaningful level of family assets
  • Single Family Offices interested in enhancing their internal resources or capabilities
  • Family businesses that are considering the formation of their own Family Office 
  • “Next Gen” family members seeking their own advice while remaining within their family office structure. 
  • Matriarch/Patriarch seeking a seamless transition over time to third party to assist in continuing the family’s investment strategy.

Whether you’re ready to pass down your wealth or are interested in preparing for the road ahead, we’ll utilize our experience and network to answer your questions every step of the way.